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Osamu Yamazaki
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I work in two different jobs. However both are the same in development and meaning and hope to make my interests a contribution to society.
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現在ふたつのプロジェクトを主に進めております。ひとつはWebのインタラクティブなクライアントサイドの開発 ふたつは自動作曲による音楽の作曲、環境音楽の作成になります。ビジネスオファーも受け入れております。詳しくはご連絡をよろしくお願い致します。
About Website :
On the website, I will explain the client side code and the outline. About the sound, I have released this artifact. You will be able to create an account, receive comfortable features and receive updates easily, and become a paid member (3 $) and will be able to view the code. On the sound side you will be able to download music. (High bit rate).

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