Equipment used for field recording

2021/03/18 Update date:2021/08/22

Adphox BME-200

Don't forget to talk about the Adphox BME-200"Binaural recording"Have you ever heard these words?

Binaural recording is one of the stereo recording methods. By using a dummy head or simulator that reproduces the acoustic effect of the human head, the sound is recorded while reaching the eardrum, so that stereo headphones or stereo can be recorded. ・ When listening with earphones, etc., it is possible to reproduce the feeling of being there as if you were there.

Adphox BME-200 is an earphone that can record binaurally. The structure is a substitute that you can record with the sound that you hear with your own ears by recording using your own ear shape. I think that the equipment will give you a sense of realism even when recording ASMR.

Adphox BME-200 has a reputation for high quality among many binaural recording earphones. I've used it to record with some handy recorders,A completely different level of sound

Official site Adphox BME-200


This is a multifunctional stereo linear PCM recorder. It works as a versatile and capable interface no matter what you do. XLR input (compatible with phantom power supply), LINE input and EXT

Recording at 24bit / 192kHz is possible, omnidirectional and unidirectional recording methods are also possible, and it also has an MS decoding function that enables the use of M-S stereo microphones.

Official site DR-100MKIII

I compare the actual sound

Record on the street(Please listen with headphones)

Adphox BME-200


The Adphox BME-200 reproduces the vivid sound that the real ear hears. It makes me feel like I'm there. .. ..
The DR-100MKIII captures the outline of the sound and makes a cohesive recording.

Requires external recorder

Since the power is supplied by the Adphox BME-200 plug-in power, it is not possible to record by directly connecting to a smartphone such as an iPhone, so I use it by connecting it to the DR-100MKIII.